Sala-thai massage Menu


This price will become effective on July,1st

Thai traditional body massage Course

1.Part massage      40min           2500yen   

2.Body massage    60min         3500yen  

3.Body massage    90min         5500yen  

4.Body massage   120min        7000yen 

(For heavy tiredness)


Oil massage

1.Body oil massage              60min           6000yen 

Heavy Course 

2.Body oil massage             90min           9000yen 

3.Body oil massage             120min         12000yen 



Foot massage

Course 1       45min    3500yen


(Washing feet,massage feet in warm water)

Special massage

1.Queen course         60min      7000yen

(Thai traditional body massage with 2 staffs in 1 hr. ) 

2.Oil queen course      60min   14000yen

(Oil massage with 2 staffs in 1 hr.)

3.Oil massage 30min+Thai traditional massage 40min= 70min      5000yen (choose only one part for oil massage such as leg, back etc.)